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There is little to say really. I love my friends more than I can say, I love cheese almost as much, I adore history with all of my heart and am currently studying it at Cambridge. I spend my life in a bubble of happiness, and generally attempt to use as many joyful superlatives as possible.

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is my 300th post on Bluebird. By rights it ought to have come a long time ago, but as has happened with many a blog, the fervour appears to have petered out a little, and I so rarely have a decent period of time in which to write any more. I used to apologise for not posting for ages, but this time I don't think I will. It makes me a little sad that I don't blog as frequently as I used to, and it makes the fact that the blog has been alive for nearly 4 years seem a little bit of a cheat. But all the same, I won't apologise. I blog when I have time, when my mind isn't fried with history trivia, when I'm not drowning in rehearsals, or organising trips for large numbers of people to Copenhagen (22 to be precise). Not that I don't like being busy, I absolutely adore it. Without busy-ness there is boredom, with it there is joy and fun and occasional stress which makes the later fun even better. I wish I could post more often, but I can't really. So from now on, from this 300th post, I won't worry about posting frequently. I hope people will still occasionally glance at the page and notice that something has been written.

There are multitudes of interesting blogs on the internet, and I hope they all reach their 300th post, and then keep going, with lots to say and exciting issues to relate and discuss. And I shall potter along slowly, as I tend to do.

Have a lovely day chaps, now I need to go and drown in another rehearsal. Hurrah! xxx

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nearly done

Hurrah! My long essay is at last nearly ready to be handed in! The deadline is Friday, high noon, and I am definitely going to finish this afternoon, so that is marvellous. Whether it is of great quality I am not entirely sure, but I definitely think it's enough to get me at least a reasonable 2.1. We shall see, shall we not? Either way, it is nearly done, and then it will be taken away from me, and the world shall immediately become a better and more shiny place. Yay!

In other news, Rex Futurus seems to be toddling along happily: it is the 'other' (by which I mean not CULES) production that I am in this term. It is very weird being in a play that requires real rehearsing, although it is still lots of fun. And at some point I will be given a song to sing, and that will be nice. For those of you in or near Cambridge, you should definitely come and see it: it's in the Round Church between the 5th and the 9th February and it will be brilliant, if I do say so myself.

I have to organise the choir tour to Copenhagen this term: I am quite terrified. However, I have been reassured that it will all be fine, and I have all the places to sing in organised, and an almost definite place to stay, and I know which company does the cheapest flights. So it will be alright I am sure, and I won't go crazy with stress.

The next post will be my 300th on this blog, and I will have been going for absolutely yonks. I don't know that I'll think of anything vastly interesting to say, but I shall do my utmost. For now, everyone, have a lovely time wherever you may be xxx

Monday, January 07, 2008

Home! (briefly)

Hello! I am in London! I didn't die on the airplanes home, nor in the car from the airport, nor on the train to Leeds, nor on the way back from Leeds. I am doing well! There are now about 250 photos of Australia on facebook if you would care to look. I understand the number might be vaguely intimidating... It gave me an excellent means of procrastination though, as did putting lots of photos (real ones) in photo albums (real ones). Despite this, I am at last writing the conclusion to my long essay, which currently stands at 4900 words. It may be slightly long, but a bit of editing should fix that alright. Quite frankly, I think I rock rather.

Leeds was fabulous. We didn't do much, given that I spent large periods of time half asleep. We did however go to York for New Year's, which was great fun. Fiona's mother cooked us an incredible and very large meal (down Calvados after the main course and you'll have a whole lot more room than you thought you did), and then we went off to a pub for a short while, and then to the minster to say hurrah, and then back to the pub and then home again. It was all very jolly, if quite cold. Although, having said that, I did end up carrying my coat and unzipping my jumper. I think I am probably insane though, so no one should pay any attention to that.

On Friday I saw Emilia, which was lovely. We had lunch and went for a massive wander around Hyde Park to feed the squirrels and see the Christmas markets. Gluehwein and German sausages are both excellent ideas. Then on Sunday Adam was in London so we had lunch (I do that a lot) and went to see I am Legend (very good, if horrible), then came home for dinner and Scrabble. He won, but not by THAT much, and we both did very well given the hideousness of the letters. Oh and I watched Sense and Sensibility (the new one) and it was pretty good, though no one is attractive enough. Tuh.

Ooh and I have a new laptop! It isn't quite as pretty as the old one, but I am sure it will be marvellous. I'm not switching it on until I go back to Cambridge (probably Wednesday), but then I can update you from its very own self.

Anyway, now I am going to finish the first draft of this damn essay, print it out and scribble all over it. Constructive scribbling of course. xxx

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hanging around

Hurrah for airports with free internet connections! I am currently sitting in Sydney airport, finally at the end of my holiday, waiting for my flight to start boarding. In about twenty minutes I believe... And then I shall be home in England in just under 24 hours. I have had a marvellous holiday, and when I get home I'll write up properly what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks. There has been much to do, and Christmas of course :D. All of my family were most lovely and fed me enormous amounts of food and took me to interesting places, so that was good. Oooh and also for Facebook there will be my approximately 250 photos. So that'll be something to look forward to no? *giggle*

Love and hugs, from Australia for the last time (for now)


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Catching up

It occurs to me that my last post was shockingly, for me, inadequate in length and detail. I am therefore going to attempt to put in a little bit more detail about the trip so far (still awesome!) and then when I get back there will be multitudes of photos to prove it all was true and amazing. So...looking back... *floaty music*

Wednesday 5th:
I arrived, after a looong time on aeroplanes. In fact after travelling on an Airbus A380, which was very shiny and new and monstrously enormous. My dear aunt came and picked me up from the airport with Cameron, my cousin's little daughter. Then we drove to her house where I stayed all day and slept lots, due to jet lag-ish tendencies. The evening brought take away and Cameron's Christmas carol concert in school, which was very cute. And then I came home and fell asleep. An unexciting day I feel.

Thursday 6th:
I got up nice and early and went into Sydney on the train. I went and gazed at the Opera House and the Bridge and said oooh and aaah in a loud voice because that is of course what you have to do. Then I went round the botanical gardens, which were very beautiful, and the grounds of Government House, where I met six very cute little ducklings and their very protective mother. Then off I went on a ferry across the harbour, when all of a sudden the sun started blazing. I arrived in Manly and wandered around the beach and ate copious quantities of ice cream and got quite impressively sunburnt. Stupid weather fooling me into thinking it was going to be cloudy and then burning me... Ah well, it has mostly gone brown now :). And then the ferry back again, and I wandered off into the Rocks, which are very attractive and right under the big bridge, and then into the city which is very much like a financial district, and then off home for a fantastic BBQ next to the pool. I love the hot winter weather...

Friday 7th:
My aunt and I drove for seven hours from Sydney to near Walgett, to my cousin Jonny's farm where, as I mentioned in the last post, it was 42 degrees. And Jonny was out in the sun fixing a bulldozer. Insane. We went and sat in the air conditioning until it cooled down a bit, whereupon we lit up the anti-mosquito flames, sprayed ourselves with anti-mosquito goop and went and sat in the BBQ pagoda thing for another cook out. Which was actually divine, Jonny had been soaking the steaks in red wine sauce for two days. Mmm... And we drank lots and lots of wine and ate lots of food and watched two incredible thunderstorms on either side of us, with lightning every five seconds. Just a shame none of the rain came and fell on Jonny's farm, since he hasn't seen much for the past five years. And then the stars came out and they were more indescribably beautiful than you could possibly imagine. Never before have I seen stars like that. It was amazing.

Saturday 8th:
Off to Lightning Ridge with us, to see the opal mining communities. They have completely destroyed the land around there, it is barren and full of white mounds of dirt where no one has returned the waste to the shafts. I contributed to the destruction by buying a couple of opal necklaces, and then we drove around the place looking at the tiny art galleries and strange houses (you'll see what I mean when the photos go up...I mean really strange...) which were around, before having lunch. Then back to Jonny's farm for a drive around in the landrover. The farm is absolutely huge, and completely amazing. If dry as a bone except where the special dams are. And there are 4000 sheep and 1000 lambs. Is amazing. Oh and some cows, and wild goats. In the evening we went out to a funny pub in the middle of nowhere and then a restaurant where various young men who clearly hadn't seen a woman in months came and tried to chat me up. It was fun. We saw multitudes of kangaroos.

Sunday 9th:
Out on another drive so that Jonny could fix something with his tractor, and then I drove the landrover home. It was very exciting. I nearly killed Jonny's friend James by driving on the wrong side of the track (I wasn't expecting another car to appear!) but apart from that I think I did pretty well. Particularly considering that the gear stick was so huge and so stiff I could barely move it. It was great fun barrelling along though. And then Jonny took me out on his quad bike (which he uses to round up sheep!) to show me the shearing shed and we chased some emus. Poor things, they are very silly. We followed them around and they ran all over the place and crashed into each other and generally looked a bit foolish. And then Auntie Marguerite and I drove the seven hours home.

Monday 10th:
Back into Sydney and to the zoo, which I said a bit about last time. It really is an amazing zoo, and you get to take a boat there and it is great. And not TOO expensive, considering how lovely it is. And I saw a free flight bird show, which was just amazing, they had eagles and condors and hawks and pink cockatoos and galahs and many a thing. And all the animals were divine, koalas are practically too cute to be real, and I saw a joey in its mother's pouch and oh it was all very wonderous. Photos there will of course be on facebook. In the evening we went to bed early for rising ridiculously early the next day.

Tuesday 11th:
Arose at 4:30am in order to catch a flight to Cairns. The flight takes about 3 hours. This country is too big for its own good. At Cairns airport I was met by my cousin's wife Sandy and their two children, Jessicka and Daniel. And yes, that is Jessicka with a k. I have no idea why. We went to the shops for a bit and then came back to see their very nice house. Everyone here has a pool! Is amazing! The afternoon was one of relaxing a bit, and then in the evening we went out to the Boat Club ( rather than rowing...) for dinner and I tasted kangaroo (basically the same as venison) and had divinely delicious king prawn linguine. Oh, and got bitten by lots of mosquitos. Horrible things that they are.

Wednesday 12th:
I went off to the jetty in Cairns and got on a big boat which took me out to Green Island, a tropical paradise on the Great Barrier Reef. It was utterly beautiful, and boiling hot. This time I was sensible enough to smother myself in sun cream. I had a bit of a wander around the island and then went to the beach. I walked into the sea, and it was warm. Properly warm. It was amazing. And so, so clear, and the beaches were white and it was basically completely idyllic. And not too busy, because it isn't really tourist season yet. And then we went out on a glass bottomed boat, which was absolutely amazing: we saw sharks and corals and turtles and giant clams and thousands and thousands of fish. And then I returned to the main island and walked through the rainforest for a bit. In fact, I walked around the entire island in about 40 minutes. And then back on the boat and heading for home, where we had a very nice Chinese meal from the shop at which Daniel works.

Thursday 13th:
Another day full of busy. I got on the Kuranda Scenic Railway with Daniel, and we wended our way up the mountains and through all the rainforests and across the Barron Gorge to the village of Kuranda right up at the top. The views were absolutely amazing. In Kuranda we looked at the many tourist shops and Aboriginal art galleries and beautiful clothes shops, and we went to a butterfly sanctuary. The butterflies were absolutely glorious: the Ulysses was enormous and bright, irridescent blue. *sigh* You don't get bugs like that in England. Oh and Daniel bought me a very pretty shell necklace. For a twelve year old he is remarkably unobnoxious. In fact, he is very sweet. Also, I can't believe it's only 9:40am, I've been up for ages... Anyway, then I went back down through the rainforests on the cable car, which was even better than the railway. I got off at a couple of stops to wander through the forests and read the information given. I went right from undergrowth to upper canopy. It was truly glorious. And in the evening we went off to the cafe where Jess works and had a very nice dinner, before returning home and watching Better Off Dead. Which was pretty funny, if a bit silly and very predictable.

Friday 14th:
Today. There hasn't been much of it yet. The general plan is some relaxation before getting the aeroplane back to Sydney this evening. And then tomorrow I am driving (well my aunt is driving) to Canberra, where I will stay put for a week and a half before returning home. My life will probably be less hectic and I might even get around to sending some Christmas cards. Anyway, it will be great. I shall attempt to write another post at some point, but my aunt doesn't actually have internet (Dark Ages!) so it might not happen. We shall see!

Much love xxx

Monday, December 10, 2007

Down under

Hello my lovelies! I am having an absolutely marvellous, marvellous time in Australia. Today I found out that a baby platypus is called a puggle. A puggle! That quite frankly made my day. I spent today in Taronga Zoo, which is absolutely fantastic, and of which I have many photos. I saw kangaroos (including one with a joey in its pouch!) and emus and elephants and giraffes and wombats and multitudes of other beautiful animals. And this weekend I was in the outback and I saw lots of wild goats, and my cousin's ENORMOUS sheep farm and I got to drive the landrover and I went round on his quad bike and it was all magnificent. And when we arrived it was forty two degrees. When it got to Sunday I thought it was quite cool given that it was only thirty two. Ooh and Sydney is an utterly beautiful city.

Tomorrow I am going to Cairns, where it is currently thirty degrees and sunny. Hurrah! And that's on the Great Barrier Reef. And then I'm going to Canberra to see yet more family. Hurrah! It's hot...and December...bizarre...

Love! xxx

Monday, December 03, 2007

Going to distant lands

Hello my lovelies. And so the end of term has come, and I am at home. There are multitudes of photos on facebook to document my various doings, and it has indeed been marvellous. And I am not in London for long, for tomorrow I disappear to the wonderous land of Australia for almost a month! It is most exciting, if somewhat terrifying. I shall be visiting Sydney, Canberra, Walgett and Cairns, and flying on Singapore Airlines. I am certain that it will be fantastic, if somewhat exhausting. It is also the reason that I will not be posting for quite a long time. I get back from Australia on the 29th and go to Leeds on the 30th, so if you do not hear from me until well into January, I apologise.

I am currently reading up on things to do when I get there. I am very excited. Talk soon! xxx